What doesn't kill us - kills someone else.
Первый ХС-пост я посвящу вандервайсу. Внезапно. Он писал "Вот В Таком Стиле" сколько его помню, не знаю зачем. Делал ему тонну замечаний - всё без толку. Пару минут назад:
Саня Приезжай Ко Мне На Денюху. ?
я только что из ванной вылез
и ухожу до завтра(
а вообще можно собраться
и не пиши как Канайя =_=
кстати, точно
Пасибочки. А собраться где? когда? сегодня?
сегодня я дома не буду
на неделе, точнее не скажу
я точно буду в Вс на алом поле в 12.00
больше ничего гарантировать не могу)
Понял чо за там движуха на алом?
просто очередной фандом собирается
любители поней
А, гуд.


(про гайды)
TT: I think I will write my own walkthrough.
TT: That is, after we make sure you don't die.

(про метеорит)
TG: how big is this thing
TG: like the size of rhode island or texas or what
TG: i need some context to know how much crap i should be shitting into my pants

(про первого моба Роуз)
TG: but you just rigged the thing with an oedipal harness and rode its torso like a log flume ride down a magical rainbow
TT: That was self defense.
TT: Murdering a wounded behemoth in its sleep strikes me as unseemly.
TG: this is bullshit its an unfeeling monster who gives a fuck
TT: Maybe you could replicate a pillow I could use to smother it.
TT: Make it a clean hit.

(Дейв и Канайя про Роуз, отношения, сарказм и искренность)
TG: just admit it
TG: you want me to help you win her over
GA: I Just Would Like To Gather
GA: Some Means Of Gauging Her Sincerity
TG: ok well its easy
TG: for everything she says take her to mean just the opposite
TG: see not everybody always means literally what they say the way john and jade always do
GA: Maddening
GA: How Do Humans Forge Meaningful Relationships Using Such Communication Patterns
GA: Perhaps It Is The Human Riddle That Is Truly The Ultimate Riddle
TG: oh my flipping christ
TG: ok if you want rose to dig you you got to leave that crap in the shitty scifi novels where it belongs
GA: It Was Not A Sincere Remark
GA: I Have Been Practicing
GA: Your Human Sarcasm
TG: oh ok
TG: that was pretty good
TG: maybe even too deadpan but its a start keep at it
GA: Very Well
GA: I Am Beginning To Feel As Though I Am The Only One Working On Our Friendship
TG: hahaha yes youre on a roll
GA: That Was Sincerity
TG: oh

А вообще, оно довольно годно.

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